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At UNVC, we provide complete building commissioning services across the the Intermountain West including: Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Oregon. Over 20 years ago, our company started in facilities management and has grown to encompass many professional services, primarily anchored in building systems commissioning, enclosure commissioning, energy engineering, and facilities optimization.


We ensure that our clients buildings work as expected and then partner with facilities management, building operators, architects, engineers, contractors, and sub-contractors to optimize for performance beyond expectations. 

If the following questions are being asked it is likely we can help prevent significant issues in your project.

Can your building be easily maintained?


Is the equipment accessible?


Are the building operators anxious for the warranty period to end so they can “fix” the new building?


Is the building uncomfortable?


Is the building bringing in large amounts of outside air without relieving any?


Is the building struggling to meet design set points?


Is the demand charge on the utility bill excessive?


Is the energy usage of the building understood and used to inform building operations?


Did the building get certified, yet other buildings seem to run better?


Are the building systems over-sized or under-sized?

Did the premium for energy efficiency have a positive return on investment?


Does the building have moisture related problems?


Was 100% of the equipment and related systems fully checked out and functional prior to release of full payment?


Are the heating or cooling systems running at the wrong time of year?


Should the campus plant system have more capacity?


Do the systems in the new addition work well with the existing building?


Does it seem that the building never worked quite as it should?


Are the enclosure, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems being designed for the building appropriate for the budget, the life-cycle of the building, and the intended use?


There are a 5 principles that guide our efforts

Being Present

For us to be successful and your building to work, we must be involved from beginning to end. 


Providing A Technical Process

We don’t intend to check checklists.  Instead, we check the systems, the equipment, and the design.  We leverage our expertise to deliver a hands-on technical commissioning process.



Communication is key to delivering a high performing building.  Without it, our efforts yield fewer results, save less money, and are often ill-timed.


Early And Consistent

We realize the scope of our work may seem small, but if we are involved early and remain engaged throughout your project, the impact of our services will be far from insignificant.


Developing Partnerships

One of our biggest resources as consultants is those whom we are working with, the design team, the craftsman, the operators, and the contractors.  When we work with them to find solutions everyone wins.

Most of our team members are located throughout the intermountain west. 


UNVC a dba of CMB Consultants LC

o: 385.429.5870


New Corporate Address

1067 W 1400 S

Lehi, UT  84043


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