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UNVC consists of 50 team members with backgrounds in construction management, engineering, architecture, HVAC repaircommercial contracting, energy management, and facilities operations.


Greg Cummings

NEBB CP BSC, LEED AP, B. Sc Construction Management


Greg is responsible for overseeing all projects at UNVC including mechanical, plumbing, and electrical design, construction and quality control on all the firm’s projects. Greg has commissioned 250+ projects in virtually every sector.

Matt Marshall

PE, CBCP, NEBB BSC CP, B. Sc Mechanical Engineering 


With 20 years of engineering and design experience, Matt provides expertise in reviewing mechanical, plumbing, and electrical project documents for all projects. He develops pre-functional and functional tests and manages large and small efforts - interfacing with all team members to ensure a well-functioning building. Matt has done engineering design work on scores of projects in his career and has had a hand in commissioning 60+ projects over the last 4 years.

Daniel Hansen

CEM, Certifications - Niagra, JCI, Refrigeration, B. Sc in IT, M. Sc Management

Controls & Facilities Management

Daniel leads controls optimization efforts on all projects.  His 15 plus years of facilities management and plant operations experience provide projects the depth needed to ensure a fully optimized project.


Wayne McIntyre




Wayne’s 30 plus years of commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and facilities management experience provide project teams a partner fully committed to delivering a well-functioning building. Wayne leads our group of project managers and ensures technical consistency throughout UNVC’s projects.  Wayne has commissioned over 100 buildings for various owners in the Intermountain West.

John Burningham


Program Development

John provides building performance program consulting services to building owners with an emphasis on cost-effective programs that leverage systems commissioning, envelope commissioning, energy engineering, and life-cycle cost analysis. John has developed high-performance programs and implemented these efforts on $3 billion worth of construction in the last 8 years.

Robert Lundeen

NEBB BET CP, LVL 2 Thermographer, B. Sc Engineering


Robert is responsible for all technical aspects of the enclosure commissioning efforts, including analysis, forensics, testing, technical design assistance/reviews, and technical standards. Robert has provided enclosure commissioning on 120+ projects in the Intermountain West.

Garrett Dodge

B. Sc Construction Management

Systems Testing

Garrett directs UNVC’s technicians as they implement UNVC’s functional testing efforts on all projects.  He has commissioned and personally tested (not just witnessed) 90 plus projects throughout the Intermountain West.

Derek Shupe 

Test & Balance Engineer


Derek brings 35 plus years of test and balance experience to UNVC. His work on 1000s of projects provides an unmatched base of knowledge for troubleshooting and diagnosing problems related to air-flow, water-flow, and temperature issues with virtually any mechanical system. He also provides expertise in control verification, vibration management, ventilation, ducting, piping, and static pressure issues. Internally, Derek leads many aspects of technical development within UNVC’s professional development program.

Our services cover the entire spectrum of design, construction, and facilities operations and our team reflects this diversity. Because of our extensive backgrounds in design, construction, and operations, we are well suited to provide a holistic approach - assisting building owners in getting the most out of their buildings. The following is a sample of some of the various efforts our team has accomplished throughout their careers and the experience they bring to each project.

Provided commercial HVAC field technician repair services for over 25 years.


Provided commercial electrical contracting for over 30 years.


Provided concise energy life-cycle cost analysis/ROI metrics to project decision makers on over 40 capital development projects.


Provided systems commissioning on a total of 260 complex healthcare, research/forensics laboratory, courts, educational, and detention facilities.


Recommissioned a five-year-old, $80m, operationally-challenged museum. Results include energy cost savings of $140k in the first year alone, proper humidity levels, and correct internal building pressures.


Developed a custom, comprehensive, owner led, owner verified high-performance building standard (non-LEED) with actual, measurable results. Also provided enhancement to LEED-based programs to fill the gaps desired by many building owners.


Provided Building Enclosure Commissioning Services

on over 100 buildings throughout the Intermountain West.

Mentored and partnered with multiple large institutional

owners to develop the means and methods for their building operators, trades technicians, and facilities managers to run their own internal technically-based commissioning program for their new and existing buildings.


Guided 30 plus LEED projects to various levels of certification.


Reviewed over 100 LEED projects for the GBCI.


Directed campus plant operations and maintenance programs on 2.5 million sf of higher educational facilities.


Provided mechanical engineering design and project

management for hundreds of projects - spanning more than two decades.


Implemented building analytics programs (Skyspark) on over two dozen buildings.


Provided hydraulic analysis and controls modeling/analysis to 10+ campus systems.


Provided energy benchmarking to 1500 plus buildings.

Certifications, Accreditations, and Memberships

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