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State & Local Government

Unified State Labs

Davis County Syracuse, Clearfield Library Addition & Renovations, UT - Cx/BECx/Energy 

Davis County Events Center, UT - Cx

Davis County Correctional Facility Medical Observation Jail Expansion, UT - Cx

State of Utah Comprehensive Therapy Building - Cx

State of Utah Unified Labs Module 1 - RCx, Mod. 2 - Cx

State of Utah Provo Municipal Airport - RCx/BECx

State of Utah Central Utah Correctional Facilities 2 projects - Cx

State of Utah North Capitol Office Building and Museum - BECx

State of Utah Raptor State Park, Cx

State of Utah State Office Building Taylorsville Office, UT - RCx

State of Utah District Attorney Downtown and Jordan Offices - RCx

State of Utah Antelope Island Visitor Center Expansion - Cx

Tahoe Douglas Visitor Authority South Lake Tahoe Event Center, NV - BECx

Murray City Hall, UT - BECx/Cx 

Salt Lake County Wheeler Farm Education Center, UT - CxBECx 

Salt Lake County Granite Library, UT - BECx/Cx

Salt Lake County Capitol Theater, UT - Cx/RCx

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office, UT - RCx

Salt Lake County Hazardous Waste Facility, UT - Cx/BECx

Montrose City Public Saftey Building, CO - Cx

State of Nevada Silverado Ranch Division of Moter Vehicles (DMV) - BECx

State of Nevada Public Safety Building - BECx

State of Nevada Mental Health Reno (SHAMHS)  - RBECx

State of Nevada Washoe County Training Center, NV - Cx/BECx

Summit County Community Center, UT - Cx/BECx

Summit County High Valley Transit Center Administration, Maintenance, Storage Ut - Cx/BECx

Summit County Campus Sheriff, DMV, and Attorney Buildings, UT - Cx

Park City Bus Barn (Net Zero), UT - Cx/BECx

Weber County Library Ogden, UT - BECx

White Pine County Ely Justice Center, NV - Cx

Carbon County Juvenile Court Complex, UT - Cx

Hill Airforce Base 70+ projects, UT - Cx

FAA Portland Government FAA Portland Tracon Building, OR - Cx

Washoe County Buildings A, B, C, D Exterior Renovations, NV - BECx/Energy 

Las Vegas City West Side Training Center, NV - BECx

Boise Armory Depot, ID BECx

Boise Firestation #1, ID BECx

Bringham City Department of Public Works Building, UT - Cx

See Courts & Corrections for additional Government projects.

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