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UNVC offers many critical services for new and existing buildings 

New Building Services

Systems Commissioning

UNVC provides whole building commissioning for the following systems: HVAC, electrical, lighting, life safety, plumbing, controls, security, acoustics, utility plants, and related distribution systems. Our efforts begin in design, run through construction, and when possible continue with implementation in an ongoing commissioning program.


Enclosure Commissioning

We provide comprehensive enclosure commissioning, including functional performance testing that maximizes the air, thermal, and moisture performance of the designed and installed building enclosure systems. We provide thorough enclosure efforts that meet the minimal requirements of LEED or, guide the project to meet the ultra-tight requirements of the State of Utah's High-Performance Building Standard and ASHRAE's Tight infiltration performance levels of 0.1 cfm/sf @ 75 PA.

Sustainable Consulting

We provide LEED, Green Globes, and Sustainable Sites Initiative guidance. Sustainable requirement development (independent of a certifying entity) for projects is also provided.


Energy Engineering

Our team provides comprehensive energy engineering services for large and small projects. Services include energy modeling for LEED and non-LEED projects, life-cycle cost analysis, net-zero planning, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis, and energy policy/standard development.


Facilities Optimization

UNVC offers many supporting consulting

services to maximize the performance of your facility. This includes energy management program implementation, CMMS/Preventative Maintenance program implementation, campus systems hydraulic flow and controls strategy analysis, building analytics implementation, LEED consulting, and general high-performance building consulting.


Building Operator Training

Ideally, once we leave a project the building operators and facilities management teams keep the building running at the optimized level. While this is the expectation there are many reasons that buildings drift. UNVC provides comprehensive training and set the building operators up for ongoing success.

Re-Commissioning &

For buildings that were never commissioned

or buildings in need of recommissioning due to drifting performance, UNVC provides monitor-based re/retro-commissioning services to ensure troubleshooting and commissioning efforts are lasting.

Ongoing Commissioning

UNVC supplies ongoing commissioning efforts customized to each building's operational practices, budgets, and staffing support. We partner with building operators to create financially sustainable programs that maximize each facility management dollar spent.


Building Assessment

Whether prior to major renovations, or as part of long-term planning, a thorough assessment of the building is completed. Our holistic assessment is provided by design engineers, facilities management professionals, building operators, commissioning agents, and energy engineers. Assessment services include all major building systems, enclosure systems, life-cycle cost analysis, cost estimating, project planning, scope development, investment-grade audits, and scheduling.

Building Analytics

We typically leverage building analytics programs, such

as SkySpark, in our commissioning efforts. When possible we provide training to building operators so they can continue using the data in their day to day efforts. We also provide set up on existing buildings.

Energy Management

UNVC provides assistance with energy management program development and implementation. Whether starting from scratch or looking to take current efforts to the next level, we are able to provide assistance from basic energy benchmarking all the way to deep energy retrofit projects. This includes investment grade audits, cash flow analysis, and project financing assistance. 


Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESCO) Contracting Consulting

UNVC has extensive experience assisting owners as they solicit, develop, implement, manage, and verify their ESCO projects. We understand the nuances of these projects, and how they should be managed and verified to ensure the owner realizes the full potential of their investment.

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