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Utah Valley University Melisa Nellesen
Center for Autism

University of Utah Farmington Medical Center - Cx/BECx/Energy

University of Utah Ambulatory Care Complex - Cx/BECx/Energy

University of Utah Rehabilitation Hospital - BECx/Energy

University of Utah West Pavilion - Cx

University of Utah HCH Pharmacy - Cx

University of Utah SJHC Pharmacy - Cx

University of Utah Orthopedic Center Expansion - BECx

University of Utah Nursing Building - Cx

University of Utah Mid-Valley Health Center - BECx

University of Utah School of Dentistry - BECx

Sentinel/University of Utah Sugarhouse Health Center - Cx

University of Utah South Jordan Health Center - Chiller Addition - Cx

Utah State University Clinical Services Building - Cx

Utah Valley University Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism - Cx/BECx/Energy

Moab Regional Hospital - Cx

State of Utah State Hospital - Cx/BECx

Veteran Affairs Replacement Medical Center Facility - BECx

Ashley Regional Medical Center - BECx

County of Battle Mountain Hospital and Assisted Living Center - Cx

Intermountain Healthcare PCMC Ambulatory Care Center - BECx

Intermountain Healthcare Dixie Regional Medical Center Consolidation Project - BECx

Intermountain Healthcare Gardner Transformation Center - BECx

Intermountain Healthcare Utah Valley Replacement Hospital and Clinic Building - BECx

Intermountain Healthcare McKay Dee Ambulatory Center - BECx

Intermountain Healthcare West Valley Clinic - BECx

Intermountain Healthcare Park City Hospital North Expansion - BECx

Intermountain Healthcare Draper Clinic - BECx

Intermountain Healthcare Homecare Office and Warehouse - BECx

Intermountain Healthcare Multi-Specialty Clinic - BECx

Intermountain Healthcare Heber Valley Medical Center - Cx

Some projects listed are from some of our team member’s previous employment.

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