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Unified State Labs

 Provo 4th District Courts Building

San Mateo County San Mateo County Jail - RCx 

State of Utah Central Utah Correctional Facility - West Compound Expansion - Cx/BECx/Energy 

State of Utah Central Utah Correctional Facility - Intake and Kennel Buildings - Cx/BECx/Energy

State of Utah Provo Fourth District Courthouse - Cx/BECx/Energy

State of Utah Ogden Second District Juvenile Court - BECx

State of Utah Weber Valley Multi-Use Youth Center - BECx/Energy

Carbon County Juvenile Court Complex - Cx/BECx

Ute Indian Reservation Justice Center – Cx

GSA United States District Courthouse Salt Lake City - BECx

Juab County Fourth District Judicial Courthouse - BECx


Some projects listed are from some of our team member’s previous employment.

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